Biznet Business Networking Alliance

Dedicated to helping you
grow your business

An exciting organization dedicated to
helping you grow your business
with the incredible power of referral marketing…

receiving qualified leads on a weekly basis
is like having a sales force!

Our Mission

Business Networking Alliance (BizNet) continues to be the most sought after professional networking membership in the Greater Pasadena Area. The association maintains a core membership of 25 to 30 people. Through active mutual marketing and referrals, all members will realize significant increases in their businesses.

Business Networking Alliance represents a cross section of the business community in the Greater Pasadena and San Gabriel Valley areas. Each member represents a specific industry and no conflict of interest is allowed. The purpose of Business Networking Alliance is to promote business growth for each member’s business through mutual support, quality networking, and qualified business referrals in a spirit of fairness and integrity.

Visiting BizNet

Business Networking Alliance accepts one representative member per business category. This exclusivity enhances your business footprint as fellow members think of you first in business and personal needs. Therefore, please contact Betty Baker at 626-695-9515 or to find out if your business category is open, and schedule a visit to one of our meetings. You are invited to attend twice as our guest so you can get to know us, and we can get to know you.

BizNet owes its success to the members who make up the organization. BizNet members enjoy the privilege of not having a conflict of interest within the organization, therefore increasing the opportunity of more business referrals.

For membership applicants, please make sure your business does not have any conflict with the businesses of current BizNet members. Contact Omar Abich our VP for membership, at 626-712-7651 for more information .

For a complete list of our current members feel free to browse our Directory.