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Jerry Robin, Water Wellness Coach – Certified Molecular Hydration Specialist – H2 Advisor

Contact: Jerry Robin
Work Pasadena, CA Work Phone: 626.644.4239 Website:


Photo of Jerry Robin, Water Wellness Coach – Certified Molecular Hydration Specialist – H2 Advisor

I help people in 3 ways:

  • I help them save money
  • I help them protect the environment
  • I help them enjoy better health

All by changing just one essential thing: The water they drink.

“If you’re still drinking bottled water, you have a drinking problem!”TM

I promote the consumption of molecular hydrogen (H2)-rich, alkaline antioxidant water that is filtered 500x finer than a typical water filter, removing over 200 contaminants like volatile organic compounds, heavy metals, herbicides and pesticides. 1,000 peer-reviewed scientific papers and studies suggest that “H2 has therapeutic potential in 170 disease models, and in essentially every organ of the human body.” H2 water therapy is an emerging medical science, with no adverse side effects. I sell these compact devices (vetted as medical devices in South Korea, where they are manufactured) at 30% below the company’s MSRP, and sell the water for $3.00 per gallon – half may be applied toward a future machine sale. These units feature a lifetime, unlimited warranty, dual filters at kidney dialysis fineness (0.01 micron), and 11 titanium-platinum ionizing plates. Unlike a well-known Japanese brand, this company is NOT multi-level sales. No upline, no downline, no team calls – just better health for you and your family.


BizNet continues to be a reliable source of business referrals to me, and is an important forum for introducing new elements of my business. The opportunity to inform smart, well-connected professionals multiplies my efforts, as they each have a large “warm market” to further promote my message of better health.