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Simply Downsizing

Contact: Mary Jane Snyder
Work California Cell Phone: (818) 847-7322 Website: Simply Downsizing


Downsizing can occur under many circumstances.  It can become necessary due to divorce, aging, loss, change of financial status or health.  Some folks downsize because they desire a simpler, less cluttered lifestyle.  I help my clients to sort through their belongings to determine what needs to be kept, given to friends or family members, sold, donated or discarded.  Whether moving or staying in place, working with a Senior Move Manager will reduce the stress associated with downsizing and/or relocating.

Knowing that you can rely on us will allow your relocation and/or decluttering project to be completed more efficiently and with less stress.  Also, by hiring a move manager, the client will greatly reduce or eliminate the pressure on friends and family who may be unable to be involved with the project.  My goal is to make your move or decluttering project as simple as possible, conveying respect to the client and family, while managing the details along the way.